Carbon Capture Utilization and Sequestration

Since permitting its first AGI/Class II well in 2018, Aethon has worked to build carbon capture utilization and sequestration (CCUS) across its operational footprint in Louisiana and Texas. Initial project designs represent up to 3 MMtpa in potential injection capacity across an east-west corridor of 100+ miles, beginning in 2026 with the ability to expand to greater volumes over time.

CCUS is a key component supporting Aethon's 10-year Emission Reduction Plan to achieve GHG emissions intensity of 0.02% by 2031. Aethon's approach to CCUS leverages our in-basin expertise and operational capabilities to accelerate the path towards net-zero natural gas, while providing an economic solution to capture and store CO2 of industrial, upstream and midstream operations in the Haynesville area.

Aethon is well-positioned to drive decarbonization of the natural gas value chain, enhancing and expanding the impact of its vertically integrated operations to reduce emissions without third-party carbon offsets.
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Scalable CCUS in East Texas & Louisiana

Aethon's CCUS initiative provides access to deep saline aquifers in proximity to regional CO2 emitters, targeting relatively undeveloped surface and subsurface locations that avoids orphan wells, benefitting from:
- Rock quality with significant storability
- Highly scalable multi-well development
- Consolidated ownership of surface land for attainable pore space
- Modern designs for downhole and surface environments