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Aethon believes in principled private equity investing that creates value by serving others to accelerate the energy transition. That responsible development of energy resources, social uplift and positive business outcomes are not mutually exclusive.

We are stewards of invested capital that is working towards making net-zero oil and gas a reality, leveraging our expertise and scale to raise higher standards of performance as investors and across our operations.

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Our values drive how we succeed and grow in service of our investors and key stakeholders. Our team members are committed to:

- Always acting with INTEGRITY, demonstrating sound moral character and a commitment to ethical principles.

- SAFETY as a guiding principle in everything we do, embedded in how we think, engage and operate together.

- A dynamic and pragmatic approach to INNOVATION, exploring new ideas and ways of creating value with an entrepreneurial mindset.

- Fostering TEAMWORK to promote inclusiveness and a cooperative approach to growing together.

- HUMILITY and accountability to be honest with ourselves in understanding the strengths and limits to how we engage and work together.

- Treating everyone with dignity and RESPECT, recognizing different perspectives and the power of diverse thought.

Our Commitment to Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

We are committed to cultivating an inclusive environment where diverse perspectives are not only welcomed but are crucial for our innovation and growth. It is critical that all of our team members thrive, contribute their best, and shape a brighter future for Aethon and those we serve. We aim to drive the oil and gas industry forward in further embracing diversity and the benefits it provides.

We value diversity at every level of our organization, which enhances our ability to make better decisions, understand our stakeholders more deeply, and drive sustainable growth, including:

Our Team Members are the heart of our success at Aethon. We aim to attract, develop, retain, and promote the best and brightest talent from all backgrounds at all levels of our business.

We strive to create and sustain a work environment that maximizes the potential and power of our people to pursue Aethon’s mission by living our core values, embracing a culture of inclusion throughout the company.

We work to maintain a significant presence in the energy industry and the communities where we live and work, creating equitable opportunities for growth as a caring and responsible partner.
Our commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion comes to life through clear goals and strategic objectives that empower and support our teams and stakeholders to succeed together. At Aethon, these take shape through our:

- Commitment to Diversity in our Workforce
- Diverse Talent Acquisition and Promotion
- Training and Education Programs
- Equitable Policies and Procedures
- Fostering a Flexible Work Environment
- Support of Employee Resource Groups (ERGs)
- Data-Driven Transparency and Accountability
- Community and Industry Engagement