We believe natural gas plays a critical role in bettering human lives as a cleaner bridge fuel towards more sustainable energy solutions. Maintaining a clear focus on ethical stewardship of natural resources enables Aethon to safely and efficiently bring natural gas to markets that need it.
The impact of climate change represents an immediate and global challenge facing the energy industry, and Aethon leverages a comprehensive range of programs and solutions to address greenhouse gas and methane emissions across our operations. We are committed to an engaged approach that serves our stakeholders and communities, while demonstrating significant results in addressing concerns for air emissions and other climate change concerns.
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Aethon 2021 results


Aethon takes a measured approach to ensure tangible reductions in overall net emissions through:
- Leak Detection and Repair (LDAR)
- Zero emissions facility design
- Sourcing alternative fuels for drilling and completions
- Green completions
- Low Bleed and No Bleed Pneumatic Device Replacement Program
- Best Available Control Technologies (BACTs)
- Compressor consolidation and removal